Fireblast Advantage 

Fireblast Global interior gas fired training props provide the realism needed to train from the entry firefighter to the seasoned veteran. We specialize in creating a challenging live fire training burn room within any new or pre-existing structure by manufacturing props that produce the most BTU’s from within a controlled fire environment.

Advanced Simulation 

Fireblast Global’s base props are built to be realistic, enhancing live fire training with integrated water based smoke machines that discharge 60,000cfm. Accompanied by overhead Rollover Props that are strategically placed allows for the layout of the room to become dynamic.


Beds, Sofas, Dressers, Entertainment Center, Stoves, Dining Table, Desks, Copy Machine, Trash Compact, Attic, Balcony, Window, Generator Prop, Paint Cabinet, Work Bench, Hazmat Drum, Industrial Prop, Storage Boxes, Commercial Counter


This is an overview of specifications for the Interior Prop Series utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to: