This year Fireblast Global was proud to host the Global Lean Leadership Summit in conjunction with Phenix Technologies.  This method of waste reduction in the manufacturing process is a break through in United States industrial operation leading to improved efficiency, effective delivery, increased profitability, and decrease in waste production.  Adopting lean methodology drastically increased Fireblast productivity allowing for better service delivery at controlled cost to our clients.


Adopting lean process can having incredible benefits to your company performance, service quality, and bottom line. Learning to implement small changes each day can have a lasting impression on quality.


  • Lean process means quality product delivery.  By paying attention to the details in the manufacturing process we were able to identify incremental areas of improvement that led to an array of long term benefits.
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased employee happiness:  No one likes a chaotic work environment.  Streamlining daily activities leads to a happier work space for everyone involved.
  • Increased service quality:  Higher efficiency in the manufacturing process leads to decreased lead times and higher quality product delivery
  • Reduced costs:  A reduction in labor time, waste, and delivery leads directly to a reduction in consumer costs.  This helps ensure we here at Fireblast Global can continue to provide the highest quality product at our lowest possible price.